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One of my favourite quotes is that of Henry Ford that goes "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right". I'm a complete optimist and... more


Calvin joined the team in 2015. The guy is an awesome javascript programmer, he controls HTML5 and CSS3 as if they were his mother tongue.
He's worked... more


Let's face it, Diego must be the only real artist of the band (sorry guys). He's an amazing photographer, with several prizes, published books, exhibits and... more


I witnessed the Very Little Agency being born in a garage and growing into a great office where amazing websites are being made.

For all the great... more


Saulius (AKA "our lead programmer") knows it all, is the guy you call if something serious stops working or you want to add some magic to your website.... more

Juan M.

Juan is our new acquisition, young, quick and with a lot of potential, he's getting better by the minute configuring Drupal sites and applying many front-... more


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