What includes the THIS CO subscription? | The Very Little Agency

What includes the THIS CO subscription?

Subscribing to our amazing THISCO for at least 1 year gives all this:

+ The site fully installed in our hosting
+ Full domain configuration
+ 3 hours of one of our pro developers to configure your site how you want it: basic theming (colors, your logo, fonts and blocks configuration) and basic configuration (basic language selection, SEO tools configuration and basic tutorial)
+ Unlimited email accounts and first 3 accounts configured in the server for you.
+ All-year-round core and modules periodic updates to keep your site inline with Drupal Security Team security notifications.
+ Hosting in our ecological server.
+ Some new free features now and then. We are continuously developing our THIS CO site and you benefit some times of the different enhancements we make.

...and of course all the amazing features your THIS CO site will give you.

+ This subscription doesn't include any other task not specifically described.
+ Doesn't include content creation (unless you include content creation in your purchase or requested that task to our TVLA team.)
+ Doesn't include any graphic design work unless you have hired us to do so in a different custom order.
+ Doesn't include any licensed images (unless you include image upload in your purchase or requested that task to our TVLA team.)
+ This subscription means that your site will stay in our servers under TVLA control.
+ A basic hosting plan (TVLA's shared hosting plan)
+ Any hosting plan upgrade must be budgeted by TVLA and approved by the client, but we have the structure to deliver you any type of hosting.
+ The subscription payments must be made every first week of each month. If the payment is not attended by the client, the site will be disconnected after 30 days.
+ This subscription can be cancelled every year by sending us a cancelation email to info@theverylittleagency.com 30 days in advance.
+ All subscriptions will be renewed automatically every year.
+ You can cancel the subscription at any moment by paying the remaining total amount [(monthly payment*12)-(months paid within current 12 month period)]
+ All the addons you included in your monthly fee will be renewed every year too unless you specifically send us a notification to info@theverylittleagency.com